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Clip pin
Supply M46 clip fastener (bed net clip), Foshan Chaodi hardware professional production, VAT can be opened.
Specification: shoulder width: 11MM
Height: 12.1MM
Outer width: 7.8MM
Inside width: 6.2MM
Material thickness: 0.8MM
Material: cold rolled sheet, galvanized sheet, stainless steel
Package specification: 10000 pieces/box
Weight: 14KG/box
This product is widely used for fastening and connecting mattress springs, sofas, car cushions, pet cages, etc. Welcome to call and order.
It is refined by a fully automatic threading clip and nailing machine, and is embedded and connected into a strip or roll shape by using poly (PP) or polyethylene (PE) wires. It is used together with the clip and nailing gun,
It does not fall off or jam the gun and improves work efficiency. It is mainly used for fixing and connecting mattress springs, car cushions, chicken cages, pet cages, sofa snake springs, etc., and is widely used in furniture industry, automobile industry, aquaculture and other industries.
Foshan Nanshan Chaodi Hardware Products Co., Ltd. (Foshan Chaodi Machinery Co., Ltd.) is a diversified comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, import and export. With the rapid development of the furniture industry and the huge market demand, the furniture hardware with high and new technology will come out constantly. Since the establishment of the company, the company has been constantly pioneering and innovating, with strong technical force, introducing advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad, and professionally manufacturing various types of automatic threading clip nail machines, C-type nail automatic machines and their products clip nail series, C-type nail series, clip nail plastic line series with scientific design concept and core technology.
Foshan Chaodi Hardware specializes in the production and supply of M66 clip code nails (bed net clips), which are of high quality and low price, guaranteed with confidence, and can be subject to VAT.
Package specification: 6000 pieces/box
Weight: 11.5KG/box
Specification: shoulder width: 17.5MM
Height: 14MM
Adhering to the principle of quality first and honest operation, the company provides customers with products, perfect after-sales service, and chooses Chaodi, which is the guarantee of your confidence.
Even in the home decoration and bag occupancy section, according to the author's understanding, most real estate companies are also more inclined to charge "entrance fees", or set up a separate experimental project team, but often the progress is slow or even stagnant because of the complex internal relations.
Guangdong Foshan Chaodi Hardware Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and supply of M66 clip fastener (bed net clip), which is of high quality and low price, and can charge 17% VAT.
Material: cold-rolled sheet, galvanized sheet
Material thickness: 0.7mm/0.8mm
For many years, furniture hardware has not been paid enough attention only as the supporting role of the furniture industry, resulting in a large gap between the functionality of our furniture hardware and foreign products. Clear pertinence is the premise for product establishment and marketing concept establishment, otherwise, the appeal of target audience cannot be obtained, so emotional marketing can only be carried out in a general way, "Brands should have an understanding of life and then position themselves. This is what brands need to think clearly. Different groups have similarities and differences. Furniture is actually a product positioned for these similarities and differences. How to improve universality and interchangeability, advocate people-oriented, pay attention to safety, convenience, environmental protection, speed, and make products perfect still need us to constantly develop and forge ahead.
Foshan Chaodi Hardware specializes in the production and supply of M66 clip code nails (bed net clips), which are of high quality and low price. It is confident that 17% VAT can be charged.
There are also furniture orders made by means of bidding, most of which are made by means of purchase. According to the move law issued by the state, the department recognized by the state issues a bidding document to the enterprise. The furniture manufacturer and the bid winner produce furniture samples. After passing the review, the furniture is produced and delivered according to the user's requirements. Joining the World Trade Organization will promote the establishment of information databases, the development of new products, the protection of intellectual property rights, the use of new technologies and new materials for furniture enterprises. The furniture market in China is not yet mature, and the furniture dealer team has not yet formed. It is in the process of growth. The entire furniture market needs to constantly increase capital investment and adopt advanced management mode while improving itself.


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