The first online Canton Fair officially met with foreign traders today


The first online Canton Fair in history officially met with foreign traders today. From June 15 to 24, the 127th Canton Fair, which lasted for 10 days, was open to exhibitors and buyers for free.
01 Exhibition scale
About 25000 Chinese enterprises will participate in this Canton Fair, and 50 exhibition areas will be set up according to 16 categories of goods.
02 Buyers visit the exhibition
For this Canton Fair, overseas purchasers need not register in advance, but can log in at any time during the opening of the fair to visit and negotiate procurement. In addition, the organizers of the Canton Fair specially carried out a series of trainings for purchasers to help overseas purchasers understand the overall functions and operating procedures of the online platform of the Canton Fair, and provided "one-to-one" service guidance for key purchasers to ensure that they can "understand, learn and use".
At present, the Canton Fair has publicized and invited the old buyers who have attended the fair for nearly five sessions, of which the number of buyers from countries along the "the Belt and Road" accounted for about half of the total number of invitations. Among the 23 "cloud promotion" activities held before this Canton Fair, 8 "the Belt and Road" countries, including Russia, Mongolia and Indonesia, accounted for 36%.
On May 26, 2020, Ambassador Chang Hua to Iran published a signed article in the Tehran Times, entitled "Welcome to the Special Canton Fair in a Special Period".
In addition, this Canton Fair will simplify the online registration process of domestic buyers, expand the coverage of buyers, and moderately reduce the registration standards of domestic buyers to stimulate the participation of domestic buyers and individual visitors.
The registration entrance for domestic buyers to watch the exhibition has also been opened on June 11. The registration materials include: personal ID card (front and back), domestic mobile phone number verification, business license (original), legal representative ID card (front and back). Interested enterprises may try to register to watch the exhibition.
03 Exhibition interface
The official website of the Canton Fair contains five sections: exhibitors' exhibits, news and activities, global supply and procurement connection, conference services, and cross-border e-commerce zones.
Exhibitors' exhibits
This is a platform for enterprises to upload exhibits. Enterprises can upload products through pictures, videos and other formats, or choose their own display templates, upload VR virtual booths, and build a dedicated exhibition center. Purchasers can inquire about products or enterprises and visit virtual booths of enterprises.
Scroll news and exhibition information to enhance real-time and interactive experience. It also provides live marketing services, and sets up 10 × 24x7 online broadcast room.
About live broadcast:
The live scenes of this Canton Fair will be divided into two types: public and private.
The public live broadcast is confirmed through the relevant information confirmed by the manufacturer and many parties, similar to the live broadcast hall. The private live broadcast is a one-to-one communication scenario between the two parties, which shows the true and reliable supply chain and service capabilities of the manufacturer in a relatively private way. That is, for a certain product, the presenter and the purchaser initiate one-to-one live broadcast communication if both parties are willing.
For the private docking scenario, in order to further ensure the product security of exhibitors, Tencent will also carry out strict three-level classification settings for privacy, and strengthen the identity endorsement and authentication of buyers.
Exhibitors shall have at least one live broadcast room in the exhibition area, and the upper limit of the number will be determined in combination with the enterprise exhibition area and exhibition space. There are no national and regional restrictions on the location of the live broadcast activities in the live broadcast room of the exhibitors, but the anchor is required to have both an ID card and a mobile phone number in Chinese Mainland. It is worth noting that the live broadcast room of the exhibitors does not provide the function of video connection.
In addition, if it is necessary to play the pre recorded video in the live broadcast room, the pre recorded video can be played on the computer arranged by the enterprise. The screen content can be broadcast through the third-party streaming software downloaded in advance, and the system will automatically generate the playback video after playing.
The exhibitor account can watch the live broadcast through the live broadcast hall, and can enter its own live broadcast room from the live broadcast assistant port to reply to comments, but there is only one live broadcast assistant account in a live broadcast room.


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