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Foshan Chaodi Hardware Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and wholesale supply of various threading clips, code nails, bed net clips, clip clips, pet cage nails, quality assurance, price concessions, and VAT.
Specifications: M46, M66, M73.
Material: cold rolled sheet, galvanized sheet, stainless steel.
Foshan Chaodi Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly supplies various types of full-automatic threading clip nail machines, C-type nail full-automatic machines and their product clip nail series, C-type nail series, clip nail plastic line series, mechanical hardware molds, accessories, etc. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit Shishan Chaodi Hardware Co., Ltd. in Nanhai District, Foshan City for guidance and business negotiation.
How to implement it? Of course, we must first have our own characteristics. At present, there are more and more furniture, but also more and more diverse. Only with our own characteristics can we occupy a place in the furniture industry first, and can we set a good direction for future development.
Supply M66 clip code nails (bed net clips), which are professionally produced by Foshan Chaodi Machinery Co., Ltd. and can be subject to VAT.
Material: cold rolled sheet, galvanized sheet, stainless steel
Package specification: 6000 pieces/box
Weight: 11.5KG/box
Specification: shoulder width: 17.5MM
Height: 14MM
Outer width: 7.8MM
Inside width: 6.2MM
Material thickness: 0.7MM
As the differentiated positioning of Guangdong furniture, the rosewood furniture production base in Dayong, Zhongshan has preliminarily formed its own style, while Dongsheng office furniture occupies a prominent position in the professional town of office furniture in China.
Zhongshan's mahogany furniture industry is well-known nationwide, and the production and sales of the city's mahogany furniture occupy a pivotal position in China. The production and sales of mahogany furniture in Zhongshan City are mainly concentrated in two famous mahogany furniture towns with regional characteristics - Dayong Town and Shaxi Town. The output of mahogany furniture in these two towns accounts for 97.2% of that in Zhongshan City. 8MM furniture enterprises must start from many places, so that they can successfully transition to the ideal development trend on the road of transformation. Dayong Town is one of the production bases of mahogany furniture in China. There are more than 200 mahogany furniture factories in the town. The mahogany furniture produced by Dayong Town is famous in China, Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions; Shaxi Town has built a mahogany furniture exhibition center and trade center with the experience of building a professional clothing market, which has quietly become a national mahogany furniture market.
M66 clip code nails (bed net clips) are supplied, which are professionally produced by Foshan Chaodi Machinery Co., Ltd. with good quality and low price, and can be charged 17% VAT.
Specification: shoulder width: 17MM, 17.5MM
According to the social needs and development needs, the housing industrialization is proposed, which will drive the standardization, serialization and industrialization of tens of thousands of products supporting the housing. Due to the development of housing industrialization, housing has entered the market as a commodity, providing development space for all kinds of furniture and supporting products.
Foshan Chaodi Hardware specializes in the production and supply of M66 clip code nails (bed net clips), which are of high quality and low price. It is confident that 17% VAT can be charged.
Material thickness: 0.7MM, 0.8MM
The average annual expenditure on home furnishing is far more than 1000 yuan. While the penetration rate of customized furniture is less than 30%, the industry generally expects that the market size will exceed 100 billion, and the current market penetration rate is rising. Evergrande is keen on marriage home furnishing enterprises. As early as 2015, Evergrande established a "home furnishing alliance" with Quanyou and Shuanghu furniture. In 2016, Evergrande joined hands with Sofia and Qumei to establish Henan Evergrande Home furnishing Industrial Park. However, for emerging investors who are more inclined to emotional consumption, enterprises need to better understand the needs of users and be able to interact more actively with users.


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