Application of food machinery mesh belt conveyor in five fields


The mesh belt conveyor is widely used in the transportation of beverage bottles, aluminum cans, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and other industries. By selecting different mesh belts, it can be made into special equipment for the industries such as bottle storage table, elevator, sterilizer, vegetable washer, cold bottle machine, and meat food transportation. Considering the tension limit of the mesh belt, the maximum single line length generally does not exceed 20 meters.
Mesh belt conveyor is a kind of conveying equipment with metal mesh belt as the carrier. It has the advantage of strong carrying capacity and permeability, and can complete the conveying in a variety of complex environments such as drying and cleaning.
In the drying operation, the parameter design and material selection of the mesh belt conveyor are very important. First, determine the mesh size of the mesh belt according to the shape of the material, because a large mesh will leak the material, and a small mesh will affect the permeability. In addition, the reasonable mesh belt conveyor material is selected according to the drying temperature. Carbon steel is used for 300 ° drying, stainless steel is selected for 300 ° - 600 ° drying, sus304 is selected for food drying, and sus201 is selected for industrial drying. The wrong selection will result in substandard temperature resistance or material waste.
Parameters of mesh belt conveyor: mesh hole of mesh belt varies from 0.1mm-20mm, which is selected according to the shape of conveyed materials; The mesh belt strut shall be selected from 5 mm to 20 mm according to the load capacity; The chain pitch ranges from 4 points to 101.6mm, depending on the tension and the length of the conveyor line. Stainless steel mesh belt conveyor is a conveying equipment suitable for natural conveying, drying conveying and cleaning conveying. It has the advantages of large bearing capacity, strong conveying capacity and wide application range, and can meet the complex conveying environment of high temperature and humidity. The mesh belt conveyor is divided into two series: ordinary type and stainless steel type. The ordinary type is used for operation in natural environment, and the stainless steel mesh belt conveyor is mostly used for conveying in drying, cleaning, food and other environments. The current situation of the development of the mesh belt conveyor industry is booming. The national support policy has greatly improved, and the market demand is also increasing. The mesh belt conveyor industry has also made domestic related technologies improve due to the fierce competition in the industry. However, many interference factors show that the development prospect of the industry is not optimistic.


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